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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Damping oscillatory models in general theory of relativityTığrak Ulaş, Esra
Dec-2017The Dirichlet problem for the fractional LaplacianAlkın, Aykut
Jul-2018Discrete fractional integral operators and their relations to number theorySert, Ezgi
2007Dynamical systems on time scalesDündar, Veli
2004Edge coloring of a graphBeşeri, Tina
2005Exact solution of some nonlinear differential equations by Hirota methodGüçoğlu, Deniz Hasan
2011Exactly solvab q-extended nonlinear classical and quantum modelsNalcı, Şengül
Jul-2016Exactly solvable generalized quantum harmonic oscillators related with the classical orthogonal polynomialsÇayiç, Zehra
Dec-2016Finite element based stabilized methods for time dependent convection-diffusion equation and their analysisYılmaz, Kemal Cem
2008Fourier analysis on the Lorentz group and relativistic quantum mechanicsOk, Zahide
Jun-2023Fredholm integral equations of first kindOruklu, Yıldız
2005Generalization of cofinitely supplemented modules to latticesÇetindil, Yasin
Jul-2018Generalized Golden-Fibonacci calculus and applicationsÖzvatan, Merve
2004Geometry of moving curves and soliton equationsAkıncı, Figen
2009Higher order symplectic methods based on modified vector fieldesDemir, Duygu
2010Higher order symplectic methods for separable Hamiltonian equations master of scienceGündüz, Hakan
2007Hydrodynamic interaction in rotational flowÇağatay, Filiz
2011The initial stages of gravity driven flowsIsıdıcı Demirel, Damla
Jul-2018Injective modules and their generalizationsDemir, Özlem
2005Integrable vortex dynamics and complex Burgers' equationGürkan, Zeynep Nilhan