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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2021Bilayer chitosan/zein based nanofibers for antimicrobial wound dressing applicationİskeçman, Nilsu
Dec-2021Effect of ions on particle size and morphology in calcium carbonate (CaCO3) crystallizationOsman Adam Osman, Ahmed 
Nov-2021Functionalized cellulose-based adsorbent for lithium recoveryfrom aqueous solutionsNampeera, Jackline 
Jul-2021Renewable natural gas production via Sabatier reactionÇamlık, Cansu 
Mar-2021Butyl esters production from canola oil over heterogeneous base catalystsAkın, Oğuzhan 
Dec-2020Ceramic microfiltration membrane design towards oil removal in metal industry wastewater streamsEren, Muhammet Şakir Abdullah
Dec-2020Extraction of oleuropein from olive leavesGümüşbulut, Gülin
Jul-2020Production of butyl glucosides by Zr-SBA-15 & SO4/Zr-SBA-15 catalystsAydın, Utku
Jun-2020Electrolyte-based simulations of a laboratory scale carbon dioxide capture processÖzdamar, Ateş Batıkan 
Jun-2020The influence of inorganic and organic coating layers on the corrosion behaviour of coil coated aluminum substratesUç, Merve
Jun-2020Effect of sulfur on the elementary reactions of fischer-tropsch synthesis on cobalt surfacesDağa, Yağmur
Jun-2020Selective catalytic conversion of cellulose and glucose into sorbitol in subcritical waterSapmaz, Aycan
Dec-2019Effect of aging electrolyte and organic coating type on the corrosion mechanism of tinplateYıldırım, Koray
Dec-2019Epoxidation of soybean oil over mesoporous titanium and niobium incorporated SBA-15 catalystsKalkandelen, Mustafa
Nov-2019Effects of methanol on species concentrations in n-heptane flamesM. Alazreg, Abdalwahab Rashed
Jul-2019Investigation of different UV stabilizer effects on HDPE gradesGermen, Oktay
Jul-2019Peptide hydrogels containing cell attachment moleculesUysal, Berk
Jul-2019Influence of Ca2+ ions on freshly precipitated CaCO3 particlesMajekodunmi, Olukayode Titus
Jul-2019Development of ultrasound triggered drug delivery systems for cancer treatmentÖnercan, Cansu
Jul-2019Preparation and characterization of herbal extract loaded bilayer sponges for wound dressing applicationsDeğer, Sibel