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Jun-2019Algebraic methods and exact solutions of quantum parametric oscillatorsÇetindaş, Osman
2012Damped parametric oscillator and exactly solvable complex Burgers equationsAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Pashaev, Oktay 
2020Dirichlet problem on the half-line for a forced Burgers equation with time-variable coefficients and exactly solvable modelsAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Bozacı, Aylin
2021Dynamical properties of generalized traveling waves of exactly solvable forced Burgers equations with variable coefficientsAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Bozacı, Aylin
2019Dynamics of squeezed states of a generalized quantum parametric oscillatorAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Çayiç, Zehra
Oct-2016Exact quantization of Cauchy-Euler type forced parametric oscillatorAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Çayiç, Zehra
Jul-2013Exact solutions of forced Burgers equations with time variable coefficientsAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Pashaev, Oktay 
1-Jul-2022Exact time-evolution of a generalized two-dimensional quantum parametric oscillator in the presence of time-variable magnetic and electric fieldsAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Çayiç, Zehra
Dec-2022Exactly solvable Burgers type equations with variable coefficients and moving boundary conditionsBozacı, Aylin
Jul-2016Exactly solvable generalized quantum harmonic oscillators related with the classical orthogonal polynomialsÇayiç, Zehra
Dec-2016Exactly solvable Hermite, Laguerre, and Jacobi type quantum parametric oscillatorsAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Çayiç, Zehra
Nov-2012Exactly solvable Madelung fluid and complex Burgers equations: A quantum Sturm-Liouville connectionAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Pashaev, Oktay 
Jul-2022Exactly solvable quantum parametric oscillators in higher dimensionsÇayiç, Zehra
2009Exactly solvable quantum Sturm-Liouville problemsAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Pashaev, Oktay ; Tığrak Ulaş, Esra
1-Dec-2010Madelung representation of damped parametric quantum oscillator and exactly solvable Schrödinger-Burgers equationsAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Pashaev, Oktay 
Jul-2016Solutions of initial and boundary value problems for inhomogeneous burgers equations with time-variable coefficientsBozacı, Aylin
Aug-2018Squeezing and resonance in a generalized Caldirola-Kanai type quantum parametric oscillatorAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin 
2019Time-evolution of squeezed coherent states of a generalized quantum parametric oscillatorAtılgan Büyükaşık, Şirin ; Çayiç, Zehra