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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2015Control of mechanical joints that have joint clearanceGündüzalp, Gün
2008Control of teleoperation systems operating under communication line failuresDede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Tosunoğlu, Sabri
2021Corrigendum to “Kinematic design of a non-parasitic 2R1T parallel mechanism with remote center of motion to be used in minimally invasive surgery applications” [Mechanism and Machine Theory 153 (2020) 104013] (Mechanism and Machine Theory (2020) 153, (S0094114X20302342), (10.1016/j.mechmachtheory.2020.104013))Yaşır, Abdullah; Kiper, Gökhan ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can 
2019A critical review of unpowered performance metrics of impedance-type haptic devicesGörgülü, İbrahimcan ; Kiper, Gökhan ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can 
2014Derivation of input/output relationships for the Bennett 6R linkages based on the method of decompositionAlizade, Rasim ; Kiper, Gökhan ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Uzunoğlu, Emre 
2014Design and analysis of a parallel mechanism for kinematically redundant hybrid planar laser cutting machineDede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Gezgin, Erkin; Kiper, Gökhan ; Mastar, Ercan; Sığırtmaç, Tayfun; Uzunoğlu, Emre 
Dec-2018Design and development of a continuously variable transmission system to be used in human-robot interfacesMobedi, Emir
Mar-2017Design and development of an educational desktop robot R3DŞahin, Osman Nuri ; Uzunoğlu, Emre ; Tatlıcıoğlu, Enver ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can 
Jul-2019Design and experimental evaluation of a dynamically balanced over-constrained planar 6R parallel manipulatorÖzkahya, Merve
2018Design and experimental validation of an MR-fluid based brake for use in hapticsKarabulut, Mehmet Görkem ; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can 
2024The design and kinematic representation of a soft robot in a simulation environmentEmet, Hazal ; Gür, Berke; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can 
Nov-2016Design and testing of an innovative cleaning tool for underwater applicationsGündoğdu, Hilal Tolasa; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Taner, Barış; Ridolfi, Alessandro; Costanzi, Riccardo; Allotta, Benedetto
Jul-2018Design of a 2R1T mechanism with remote center of motion for minimally invasive transnasal surgery applicationsYaşır, Abdullah
2009Design of a haptic device for teleoperation and virtual reality systemsDede, Mehmet İsmet Can ; Selvi, Özgün; Bilgincan, Tunç ; Kant, Yalkın
Jul-2022Design of a physical human-robot interface for lifting operationsNalbant, Uğur
Jul-2020Design of a robot assisted minimally invasive surgical system for pituitary tumor surgery based on safety featuresMaaroof, Omar Waleed Najm
2009Design of a robotic device for automated nucleic acid extraction from biological samplesÇe, Ömer Burak
2010Design of a six degree-of-freedom haptic hybrid platform manipultorBilgincan, Tunç 
2019Design of a teleoperation scheme with a wearable master for minimally invasive surgeryAteş, Gizem ; Majani, Ronny; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can 
Jul-2022Design of an actuation system for a haptic gloveKurt, Kaan Erol