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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2014Function synthesis of Bennett 6R mechanisms using Chebyshev approximationAlizade, Rasim I. ; Kiper, Gökhan ; Bağdadioğlu, Barış; Dede, Mehmet İsmet Can 
2004Kinematic and dynamic analysis of a new type of spatial 6-DOF parallel structure manipulatorAlizade, Rasim ; Bayram, Çağdaş
2003Kinematic and dynamic analysis of spatial six degree of freedom parallel structure manipulatorBayram, Çağdaş
2013Least square approximate motion generation synthesis of spherical linkages by using Chebyshev and equal spacingAlizade, Rasim ; Can, Fatih Cemal; Kilit, Özgür
2008Robotization of hand woven carpet technology processSelvi, Özgün
2012Structural and kinematic synthesis of overconstrained mechanismsSelvi, Özgün
Jan-2010Structural design of parallel manipulators with general constraint oneAlizade, Rasim ; Selvi, Özgün; Gezgin, Erkin
Nov-2008Structural synthesis of Euclidean platform robot manipulators with variable general constraintsAlizade, Rasim ; Can, Fatih Cemal; Gezgin, Erkin
Aug-2004Structural synthesis of parallel manipulatorsAlizade, Rasim ; Bayram, Çağdaş
May-2007Structural synthesis of serial platform manipulatorsAlizade, Rasim ; Bayram, Çağdaş; Gezgin, Erkin
Sep-2011Synthesis of function generating spherical four bar mechanism for the six independent parametersAlizade, Rasim ; Gezgin, Erkin