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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Least square approximate motion generation synthesis of spherical linkages by using Chebyshev and equal spacingAlizade, Rasim ; Can, Fatih Cemal; Kilit, Özgür
2008Robotization of hand woven carpet technology processSelvi, Özgün
2012Structural and kinematic synthesis of overconstrained mechanismsSelvi, Özgün
Jan-2010Structural design of parallel manipulators with general constraint oneAlizade, Rasim ; Selvi, Özgün; Gezgin, Erkin
Nov-2008Structural synthesis of Euclidean platform robot manipulators with variable general constraintsAlizade, Rasim ; Can, Fatih Cemal; Gezgin, Erkin
Aug-2004Structural synthesis of parallel manipulatorsAlizade, Rasim ; Bayram, Çağdaş
May-2007Structural synthesis of serial platform manipulatorsAlizade, Rasim ; Bayram, Çağdaş; Gezgin, Erkin
Sep-2011Synthesis of function generating spherical four bar mechanism for the six independent parametersAlizade, Rasim ; Gezgin, Erkin