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Feb-2021Antilisterial effects of lysozyme-nisin combination at temperature and pH ranges optimal for lysozyme activity: Test of key findings to inactivate Listeria in raw milkSözbilen, Gözde Seval; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
Oct-2018Control of lactic acid bacteria in fermented beverages using lysozyme and nisin: test of traditional beverage boza as a model food systemSözbilen, Gözde Seval; Korel, Figen ; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
2020Decontamination of seeds destined for edible sprout production from Listeria by using chitosan coating with synergetic lysozyme-nisin mixtureSözbilen, Gözde Seval; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
2019Development of flexible antimicrobial zein coatings with essential oils for the inhibition of critical pathogens on the surface of whole fruits: Test of coatings on inoculated melonsBoyacı, Derya; Iorio, Gianmarco; Sözbilen, Gözde Seval; Alkan, Derya; Trabattoni, Silvia; Pucillo, Flavia; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
Dec-2019Exploring lysozyme-nisin antimicrobial synergy at different conditions for novel food applicationsSözbilen, Gözde Seval
2021Incorporation of organic acids turns classically brittle zein films into flexible antimicrobial packaging materialsSözbilen, Gözde Seval; Çavdaroğlu, Elif; Yemenicioğlu, Ahmet 
1-Sep-2016Microbial profile and bacterial characterisation of naturally debittered Hurma olives compared to non-debittered Erkence variety during ripening periodSözbilen, Gözde Seval; Baysal, Ayşe Handan