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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Activated signaling pathways and apoptotic mechanisms in resveratrol applied chronic myeloid leukemia cells and the involvement of ceramide metabolizing genes on these mechanismsKartal Yandım, Melis
2012Analysis of lysosomal Neu4 sialidase associated proteins by using mass spectrometry (MS/MS)Öztürk, Süleyman Can
2012Analysis of temporal and spatial expression of drosophila embryonic small RNAs by deep-sequencing methodCoşacak, Mehmet İlyas
Dec-2019Analysis of TNFRSF10B-As long-noncoding RNA's effects on various cancer cell propertiesAlkan, Ayşe Hale
2009Assesment of chronological life span dependent molecular damages of S.cerevisiae deficient in mitochondrial antioxidant genesDemir, Ayşe Banu
Oct-2019Assesment of genes that play role in phenolic compound degradation in olive orchard microbiomeAcar, Ertuğrul
Jul-2019Assessment of liposomal formulations and biological activities of eggplant glycoalkaloidsTatlıdil, Engin 
Jun-2020Association mapping for oil and protein content in hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.)Söylemez, Fatmanur
2006Biochemical and molecular characterization of extracellular enzyme producing Staphylococci isolated from different originsAppak, Sıla
Jul-2023Blood-brain-barrier-on-chip model comprising mouse brain tissueDemi̇r, Ceylan
2011Brain lipid profiling of triply mouse model with the deficiencies of sialidase neu1, neu4 and ß-hexosaminidase a enzymesPekmezci, Zehra Kevser
Dec-2014Cell adhesion on nanomater scale fibronectin patterns: A comparision of breast cancer cells and normal breast epithelial cellsHorzum, Utku
Jul-2015Chacterization of drug resistance mechanisms against antifungal agent VoriconazoleErcan, İlkcan
2005Characterization and genetic mapping of health related traits in tomatoRusçuklu, Dane
Jun-2013Characterization of connexin 26 mutations causing hereditary skin disordersBay, Veysel
Jul-2021Characterization of genes that play role in manganese tolerance in different yeast speciesKaragöz, Ezgi
2006Characterization of glycoalkaloid content and molecular mapping in eggplantKırsoy, Öyküm
2012Characterization of outer membrane proteins of Salmonella Enteritidis in response to phenolic acids stressÖzdemir, Özgün Öykü
Jul-2015Characterization of pollen-E1 gene might play role in salt tolerance in Beta maritimaUysal, Özge
Dec-2015Characterization of world spinach genetic collection by using molecular markersGöktay, Mehmet