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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Builders and building tradition of Barbaros as intangible cultural heritageSarıbekiroğlu, Şeyma; Kul, Fatma Nurşen 
2023Characteristic architectural elements of traditional Barbaros Houses with a single-living space and their relationship with daily lifeSarıbekiroğlu, Şeyma; Kul, Fatma Nurşen 
Mar-2019Construction techniques of traditional houses in Karaburun villagesGörür, Burçin
2023Defining the impacts of historical development activities on urban heritage of Iskenderun (Alexandretta)Nalça Kıssaboylu, Canan; Kul, Fatma Nurşen ; Rifaioğlu, Mert Nezih
May-2022Evaluating the conservation problems of tells in ŞanlıurfaAynas, Delal
2020Ildırı’nın mekansal izlerinin peşinde: Bir 19. Yüzyıl yerleşim bulmacasıKul, Fatma Nurşen ; Çil, Ela 
2012Primary schools of İzmir (1923-1950)Kul, Fatma Nurşen 
Jul-2018Restitution proposals for ruined traditional houses in IldırıAylı, Cemre
Jun-2019Rural heritage in excluded geographies: From Ahkis to Çevrecik a village of BitlisKurban, Özge
Jul-2019Structural model besed root cause investigation of damage in Urla Helvacılar Mosque and a proposal for strengtheningNarin Güzel, Ceren
2021Traditional dwellings of Gölde (İNCESU): A rural heritage in the process of changeEken, Esra; Kul, Fatma Nurşen 
Dec-2018Transformation of İskenderun historic urban fabric from mid 19th century to the end of the French Mandate periodNalça, Canan
Dec-2017Understanding cultural landscape characteristics: The case of Barbaros settlement, Urla-IzmirSarıbekiroğlu, Şeyma
Dec-2018Understanding Gölde (İncesu) with its tangible and intangible characteristicsEken, Esra