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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Economic impact of exergy efficient building block designMert, Yelda; Saygın, Nicel ; Mert, Süha Orçun
2018Energetic and exergetic design evaluations of a building block based on a hybrid solar envelope methodMert, Yelda; Saygın, Nicel 
1-May-2016Energy efficient building block design: An exergy perspectiveMert, Yelda; Saygın, Nicel 
2011Evaluation of the conservation activities in the historical settlement Tenedos-Bozcaada IslandAkpınar, Figen ; Saygın, Nicel ; Karakaya, Emel
2015Exergy analysis of mass housing areas: Mavişehir I and II, IzmirMert, Yelda; Saygın, Nicel 
May-2021Integration of archaeological sites into planning process: The case of iskele (Urla)Erincik, Sedef
Jul-2020Integration of inherited water management systems with contemporary nature-based solutions: The case of Bodrum, TurkeyÇömez, Fatma Öykü
Oct-2019Measures to prevent possible risks of cultural tourism on loss of place identity in historic settlements: Case of Saburhane District, MuğlaPolat, Fulya
2004The morphological and the urban characteristics of the monumental building complexes in Ottoman capitalsİşcanlı, Sinecan
Oct-2015Place-making: Examination of practices in TurkeyKuru, Ömür Damla
Jul-2016Reclaiming ecological sustainability of urban streams by use of green infrastructure techniquesAksoy, Selçuk
2007Secure urban environments by design:analysis of Konak square design through"crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) princioplesDeniz, Deniz
Jul-2019Site management in conservation areas: A case study of PergamonAltan, Pınar
2011Stormwater management and green infrastructure techniques for sustainable campus designSaygın, Nicel ; Ulusoy, Pelin
Oct-2019Stormwater management in cities as a climate change adaptation strategy: Case of Halkapınar District (Izmir, Turkey)Ballar, Zeynep
2011Sustainable management of water resources on campus: The case of Izmir Institute of TechnologyUlusoy, Pelin
2007Transformation of public space: A case of Konak Square, IzmirCan, Işın